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TRACER MICROPHONE S5 ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ Μικρόφωνο με τρίποδο, με απλή εμφάνιση και υψηλή λειτουργικότητα. Το μικρόφωνο παρέχεται τόσο με ένα πρακτικό στήριγμα γραφείου όσο και με υποδοχή μικροφώνου που επιτρέπει την προσάρτηση στο πλάι του γραφείου.   ΤΕΧΝΙΚΑ ΔΕΔΟΜΕΝΑ Ευαισθησία: 58 db ± 3 dB Μήκος σύ..
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DescriptionIt does not matter if you are playing, listening to music or working - your comfort is a key to success. Riot V2 headphones model is equipped with high quality soft ear cushions. Thanks to this you can use your headphones without being tired for long time. Built-in microphone and volume c..
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Modern TRACER GAMEZONE Radian Headset is a perfect proposition for people starting their adventure with the virtual world. This gaming model offers high quality sound at an affordable price. Lightweight design, soft earcups and a rotating microphone will meet all the gaming needs of novice players. ..
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Wire length:    1,5Mechanism:    MembraneSoftware:    Drivers with productWrist pad:    YesIlluminated keys:    NoKey drop:    classicKeyboard type:    full-sizedPhone output:    noWin lock:    YesAnti ghosting:    YesAdjusting the backlight intensity:    NoMacros management:    YesSpill-resistant d..
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LED backlightLED backlight is useful for both emphasizing some elements (e.g. buttons, controls) and giving interesting appearance to a device. The advantages of such solution are most noticeable during a night session at the computer, when the striking illumination facilitates the use of a device, ..
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